Lucy The Dog
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I'm a cream lurcher with a white bib and a black nose. I can't remember when I was born, or where, or who was there, or if I was given a name.

When I was little, I had a tough life and wasn't treated very well, so I ran away. I survived by scavenging, playing with sticks and tins, and keeping away from people and cars. But, eventually, I was caught in a garden and taken to a police station, and then to Battersea Dogs' Home.

They came to choose a rescue dog. I tried to stay calm, but it's very stressful feeling unwanted as people walk by: some dogs get so nervous that they growl or bark or panic, or just hide. I thought they liked me when they came to look a second time, but then they said something I couldn't hear, and left. I felt dejected, and lay down in the corner.

A little later, my carer took me to a room where they were waiting. I thought they were going to say goodbye, so I just rested my head against them. But they talked to me, petted me, and cuddled me. I felt someone wanted me.

I was taken to my new home on Sunday 7th September 2003. It's turned out really well and I'm so happy. Of course, they're still learning about dog things, but we have a great life and I go everywhere with them. I'm pretty good most of the time, and I'm very adaptable, although occasionally I do get over-excited and go a bit la-la.

I heard them talking and, because they want me to have a birthday, they've chosen four o'clock on Sunday afternoon, 25th August 2002.

I've put these pages on the net. They're about me, my home, where I go, and what I do. And a few thoughts about the things they do. It's about a dog's life.

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